Osteoporosis Treatment


Osteoporosis is a condition in which the body has lost bone density. This occurs most commonly because of two factors: either the body is diminishing  its bone supply or the body has a decreased ability to produce bone. In many cases the underlying factor includes a hormonal insufficiency, old age, or a diminish in the essential vitamins and minerals essential for healthy bone growth. Women are more commonly affected by this condition and is typically slow to develop.

Some studies to test for osteoporosis include a DEXA scan of the spine and hip. This test will scan the areas of the body most typically associated with osteoporosis. The test will also provide information in regards to how severe the condition is for your age group. Another test to help diagnose osteoporosis would be a comprehensive blood panel to specifically look at the hormones related to the thyroid gland.


Their are several methods to help treat and prevent the problems associated with osteoporosis. First we must discuss diet and its role with this condition. Supplementation is very important in combating the progressive effects of osteoporosis. Some of the vitamins that are essential are a quality supplement that includes vitamin D, L-Arginine, Calcium with other trace minerals, and vitamin K2. Other supplements including glandular’s to help support the thyroid are also essential in healing the thyroid gland. Exercise is also fundamental which includes light weight lifting that will help increase the density of the bones. Chiropractic and physiotherapy modalities will aid in the proper range of motion of the joints and tissues and help induce proper circulation. It is important to address this problem when the condition is in its mild stages as the prognosis and outcomes are improved dramatically.