San Diego Auto Injuries

Have you been recently involved in an auto accident?

San Diego Auto Accident

Car accidents can be a very difficult and emotional time for everyone involved. Our team of doctors are well trained in finding the root cause of injury, discovering an appropriate diagnosis, and treatment of the various musculoskeletal conditions that may arise from a whiplash injury. We pride ourselves on our affiliation of some of the best local professionals including Physical Therapists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, and Special Imaging Facilities. We also provide safe low radiation digital x-ray services as well as Diagnostic Ultrasound in our office.

At Sams Chiropractic we strive towards excellence in keeping you and your attorney informed on your treatment progression. We work with all attorneys and accept most liens. We have helped thousands of patients from all walks of life get back what they have lost from car accidents. If you have recently been in an automobile accident or know someone who has, it is very important to get evaluated by a musculoskeletal specialist as soon as possible after the accident.

Doctor Attorney Communication is very important

Our office will provide an extensive detail of the mechanism of injury, comprehensive treatment notes documenting the progression of your treatment, as well as visual proof of injury through utilization of our PostureRay™ services. We will be in constant communication with your attorney on your health progress and treatment costs. Depending on a case to case basis we may want to recommend legal council for the patient to help give appropriate legal representation with the insurance company.

Automobile Accidents and Whiplash

Auto Accidents can be very traumatic to the human body especially to the cervical spine. The reason being is because the neck when impacted from behind is not restrained in a seat belt. As the body gets restrained from the seat belt, the head and neck continue to move forward at a very quick speed. The neck will reach an abnormal integrity of joint motion and will eventually stop. The “Whiplash Effect” will, like a slingshot recoil your head and neck back to the headrest. In many cases the victim will not experience any signs or symptoms of injury until days later. The reason this occurs is because takes awhile for the inflammation to accumulate at areas of stress. Inflammation is caused by small tears occurring in the surrounding disks, tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Some of the most common symptoms seen during this time are headaches, neck and back sprain/strains, disk herniations and ligamentous instability. It is critical to address these problems in a very timely fashion. The body’s skeletal muscle will begin to form scar tissue at the areas of injury, compromising the body to perform normal everyday activities. With proper treatment we can help to alleviate the aches and pains you may have experienced in your car accident. At Sams Chiropractic we have the most cutting edge treatment options to help affectedly get you back on your feet in the most timely fashion.

Please feel free to call us regarding any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my car sustains only minor damage?

A documented study done by a collaborative effort of specialist (Charles Carroll, M.D. Paul McAtee, M.D. and Lee Riley, M.D. reveled that:

“The amount of damage to the automobile bears little relation to the force applied to the cervical spine of the occupants.”

In other words the severity of the individuals injuries sustained during the car accident is not directly related to the amount of damage to the vehicle.

What are some common symptoms following a car accident?

Some more common injuries following an accident are sustained to the neck and the back of the individual. Ligaments get sprained causing the joints, tendons and muscles to undergo dysfunctional bio-mechanics. It is important to note that in some instances, symptoms may have a delayed onset that appear days and sometimes even weeks after the accident. Common symptoms associated with car accidents include:

  •  Headache
  •  Nausea
  • Blurred Vision
  •  Stiffness and pain in the head and/or neck
  • Numbness and tingling down the arms and/or legs
  • Fatigue
  • Back Pain

Do I need an attorney?

It is very important to take care and manage the needs of you or a loved one as promptly as possible. It is important to first get check by a doctor as soon as possible, and begin, if needed the appropriate treatment. Once the doctor visit has concluded you will have enough information to the injury to make an educated decision to decide if you want to hire an attorney.

It is worth noting that the responsible party’s insurance company has a collaboration of highly skilled attorneys. It is important to understand your rights and in some cases have proper legal guidance through the progression of your claim. If necessary, we can refer you to a highly regarded and qualified attorney.

If I need Chiropractic care, do I have to pay out of pocket?

In the majority of cases, your auto accident insurance policy will pay out 100% of the treatment and services rendered at our offices. Our office can assist you in obtaining the information needed. Using your medical coverage should not raise your premiums on your policy.

What is Med-pay?

In California, you have the option of purchasing optional coverage in addition to your auto Insurance. Plans are typically 10$ a month and cover any where from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. This coverage can be used towards virtually any treatment from medical testing or chiropractic care for you or any of your family members that get hurt in an automobile accident. Protect your savings and your family’s future with Med Pay.