Foot Pain and Orthotics

Many doctors are not aware of the benefits of functional orthotics that are adjusted accordingly to your body weight and supports your your whole foot arch. However not all foot orthotics are created equal, and many provide very little or no arch support. At our office we feel that our orthotics should be specific to your body type. We will mold a custom orthotic around your feet, and make specific notes as to the what orthotic will best suit your needs.

Its important to maintain proper foot alignment, while maintaining proper arch and heel support. Our feet are the first structure that makes contact with the with the ground.If proper biomechanics are compromised supporting structures including the knees, hips and low back may also become compromised. Through the use of specialized foot orthotics abnormal foot biomechanics can now be re-established thus hindering current or future health problems.

If you have any questions feel free to call our offices for a free foot orthotic evaluation at (858) 569-6959.