Stress Treatment

Stress Management

Stress is a response our bodies use to manage certain events that occur in our life. In many cases a little stress throughout the day is a beneficial adaptation our bodies use to help deal with some current event. This may include an intense run or taking a difficult test. This form of stress is of short duration and when the event is over the body has a natural ability to regenerate and relax.

Most Americans suffer from a chronic form of stress. This occurs when the fight or flight response in our autonomic nervous system cannot turn off. Our bodies are continuously stressed and our adrenals glands will be exhausted in the process. As a result we experience fatigue, brain fog, depression, and anxiety as a result. Our blood pressure rises and as this vicious circle continues it becomes very difficult to get out of this constant pattern. The human body was not intended to experience this degree of stress and without proper ways to decrease and eliminate these responses we may feel lost.


We provide many resources to aid in the treatment of stress management. Testing may be warranted to determine the cortisol levels produced throughout the day. This value will give us information when determining how fatigued the adrenal glands are.  Exercise and diets cannot be overlooked with proper eating and ways to burn off stress our bodies begin to strive towards health and wellness. Chiropractic adjustments will also aid in a properly functioning nervous system. This is very important as in many cases the nervous system is and has been compromised for an extended period of time making it much more difficult to push into a healthy way of life.