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I’m Hurt & Need help! $159.00

(Reg. $250.00)

musculoskeletal exam
  • Patient Consultation

    We are experienced in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal and nutritional related problems.

  • Prompt Treatment

    In pain now? Call us for a same day appointment, we will do our best to accommodate and manage your pain and discomfort.

  • Spinal X-Rays

    If required we will take a sectional x-ray on site to better diagnose your condition.

  • Follow-up Visit

    We will schedule you for a follow-up visit discuss exam and test findings and further treatment options if necessary.

Comprehensive X-Ray Examination $100.00

(Reg. $180-$260)

Posture Ray Spine X-Rays
  • Modern X-Ray Facility on Location

    New high quality digital X-Ray processor

  • Computized X-Ray biomechanics Report

    Our detailed programs will help better diagnose instability syndromes, postural faults and chart treatment results.

  • Report of Test Results

    We advise you on any abnormal test results and will offer specific solutions base on your condition and exam results.

Scoliosis Check & Patient Education

san diego scoliosis-screening
  • Scoliosis Detection

    Early detection of scoliosis usually results in better treatment outcome.

  • Scoliosis Check ups

    Parents should perform a scoliosis check once a month on all children.

  • Patients Responsibility

    Parents should not rely solely on the children’s primary doctor and schools for the detection of juvenile scoliosis.

  • Untreated Scoliosis

    Untreated scoliosis often leads to spinal disc and joint disease.

  • Schedule to Learn more

    Schedule a consultation with one of our doctors to learn more about scoliosis and it’s harmful effects.

Spinal Corrective Exercises

  • Free initial consultation

    Schedule a free consultation to better understand the underlying problems you may have.

  • Specific Exercises for Your Body Type

    We routinely develop corrective exercises and ergonomic procedures for your specific body type.

MSK Ultrasound

  • Diagnostic ultrasound is often a preferred method of diagnosing soft tissue injuries over MRI studies.
  • Unlike MRI Studies ultrasound can actively show soft tissue pathologies during active range of motion.