Diagnostic Imaging

The Equipment we use helps us to better understand and diagnose your condition and to develop the best care for you.

Ultrasound First in Sports Medicine – Levon Nazarian, MD

This MSK ultrasound is often preferred over MRI to determine soft tissue lesions such as tendon and muscle tears, Tendinitis, bursitis, hairline fractures, and nerve compartment syndrome, and so much more.

Axial Posture Assessment with PostureScreen

Posture Screen is an exciting way doctors can teach patients and document posture issues. It is a great tool that motivates people to improve posture and document the results from care.

PostureRay X-Ray EMR System – Digitizing & Reports

PostureRay  Digital x-ray analysis system has been proven in our office to substantiate whiplash injuries, scoliosis, spinal conditions that cause disc compression and herniations, and stability issues that advance wear and tear in our spine.